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Pribory Okhrany Group has been leading his history since 1997. Nowadays it takes one of the leading positions on the security systems market. The company offers a wide product range for solving different problems.

The main directions of Pribory Okhrany Group are: wholesale and retail trade of guarding equipment, the own manufacturing basis, after-sales service.

Proposed product range includes full variety of purchases for security systems:  the intruder and fire alarm systems, firefighting systems, video surveillance systems, communication systems and doorphones,  access control systems, power supplies, cables and wires, erecting equipment, hand tolls and electric tools, information materials.

Practically full range is presented in the sales areas, what considerably increases sales productivity. Flexible discount system, special prices for regular customers, opportunities of complex delivery , even products made to order,  all this make it possible to keep leading positions on the market and to meet your demands maximally.  

Working with Pribory Okhrany Group you may be sure in high quality of service, a wide range of products, an individual approach, flexible price policy and the easiest terms of cooperation.

The main advantages of the company are:  a wide range of proposed products, the best quality-price ratio, reliable relationships with partners, qualified staff, an individual approach to every client, technical support and after-sales service, a developed logistics system.

Kept on the stock product range includes more than 4000 items, all of them are brands of leading companies on the security system market.

Optimal quality-price ratio is achieved thanks to good relations with leading manufacturers, direct supplies from the plants and special terms from our providers. All these facts make it possible to afford advantageous offer to our clients. We are official dealers of many manufacturers, and it helps to reduce prices for our customers, conduct actions, offer special terms for selling and services.

Partners of Pribory Okhrany Group  are the leading manufacturers, using only innovative products and cutting-edge technology in their production.  Pribory Okhrany Group represents such companies as VERS, Teko, Rubezh, Paritet, Stels, Bastion, Arsenal Bezopasnosti, Magistral, Sibirskiy Arsenal and others.

Successful partnership relations give us an opportunity to offer any products in optimum delivery time and by attractive price.

The company’s team numbers more than 50 persons. It includes sale, marketing, finance, technical, and transportation departments; also it has its own storage structure. Every employee is an expert in his area, having all necessary knowledge and skills. Thanks to their professionalism and personal qualities Pribory Okhrany Group gained a reputation of a reliable, united and high-professional company.

Customer-centered orientation is one of the company’s main principles. The base of Pribory Okhrany Group’s effective work is focusing on customers’ needs and capabilities. The main values are clients’ satisfaction and quality of service. Every situation is considered individually, we try to offer the most proper solution. Communication with clients is one of the most important components of everyday work, which helps to improve the quality of service and its rate.

Technical support is another important component of the company’s activity.  Experts of technical department will consult you about all necessary characteristics, features and settings of our equipment. Technical specialists are qualified people and professionals in all areas of safety. Integral part of technical support is holding joint seminars together with representatives of manufacturing companies.

After-sales service. Warranty repair and out-of-warranty repair, technical consultations  and equipment settings are carried out by our service centre. Pribory Okhrany Group meets warranty and post-warranty commitments for sold equipment.

Logistics. Considering the wide product range and various geographical locations of customers, Pribory Okhrany Group pays special attention to the development of warehouse and transportation. Fixed level of inventories on the stock assures on-time delivery to any city by all means of transportation.

We‘ll be glad to cooperate with you!